How to Create Loading Animation on Start Page Smart Apps Creator – Creating loading animations in Smart apps Creator is very necessary to complete application projects and learning media that are created. In making it, you only need a few materials, and then it is created using basic animation methods.

Smart Apps Creator is used to create applications or learning media based on iOS and Android. In its creation, you do not need a script and only use logic in the use of tools and features. In other words, this application is very easy and convenient to use.

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Creating a Loading Start Page in Smart Apps Creator

The steps to create a simple loading animation:

  1. Open the Smart Apps Creator application on your computer device
  2. Select the device you need, then press Submit
  3. On the Start page, enter 2 images. 1 image for a logo, and 1 image for loading animation.
    The logo image is used to clarify the application made. While Figure 2 is used for loading animation.
  4. Copy – Paste the Image for loading it becomes 4.
    Creating a Loading Start Page in Smart Apps Creator
  5. Animate each loading image, Click the First Load image. Then click Animation > Turn Out > Delay 0.00 > Add
  6. Do the same for the next 3 images, for example as follows:
    – Image Delay 1 = 0.00
    – Image Delay 2 = 0.25
    – Image Delay 3 = 0.50
    – Image Delay 4 = 0.75

    The animation will move sequentially, from picture 1 to picture 4. After that, the main menu will open
  7. Done, you can see the results by clicking Preview

Creating loading animations for Android/Ios-based applications, games, and learning media is very important. All of that will give more value to the project you create. In addition, the projects you create will be more interesting to use.

The loading animation above was created using the basic animation method. So you can easily learn it.

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