How to Add Sound to Buttons in Smart Apps Creator – Adding sound to Buttons in Smart Apps Creator can be done using logical methods. This means that we can add sound by understanding the function of each of the available tools.

add sound on the button? the point is that when we click a button, the button will make a sound. So when a button is clicked it will make a sound, after the sound stops then the page will move.

Add Sound on Button in Smart Apps Creator

There are several steps that must be taken to create or add a sound to the button. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Smart Apps Creator on your computer
  2. Insert 1 Image or Button by clicking Insert > Button > Select Image/Button > Open
  3. Insert 1 audio by clicking Insert > Audio > Select audio > Open
  4. Then click on the button image (Activate the image to which you want to add sound)
  5. After that Click Interaction > Touch > Object > Sound (selected) > Play > Add
  6. Ok the next step is, Click Audio (Enable the sound to be added to the button)
  7. After that Click Interaction > Play End > Object > Button (Selected Button/Image)
  8. Then select Switch Page to direct the button to the desired page.
    In this section, there will be several steps. Follow these steps:
    – Select the page to go to
    – Click the “+” button, then the selected page will appear on the right (Selected page)
    – Click Submit
  9. Done, Please check the results by pressing the Preview Button

The step on how to input sound to buttons in Smart app builder is a basic tutorial on using the app. Therefore, you have to master it well to get the perfect project result.

In making applications or games based on Android, it is highly recommended to use buttons that are equipped with sound. However, the selection of votes must also be adjusted to the project being created. so, you must be able to adapt the design and concept well.

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