Preparation for Creating Android-Based Learning Media in Smart Apps Creator – There are several preparations that must be done before creating Android Based Learning Media in Smart Apps Creator. This preparation includes ideas, materials, designs, and the purpose of making learning media. In addition, you can use methods that have been developed by developers or experts.

The use of learning media is highly recommended for the teaching and learning process. By using interactive media, students will be more comfortable and enthusiastic in learning. Teachers will also be helped because interactive media based on Android and iOS can be used anytime and anywhere.

Advantages of Smart Apps Creator (SAC)

Smart Apps Creator provides convenience for users and developers. The application is very easy to use, so you can comfortably create projects or just use the results.

  • Smart Apps Creator is very easy to use
  • Creating Android/IOS Based Learning Media Projects Without Scripting or Coding
  • The results of the learning media are interactive, so users do not get bored easily.
  • Can be created freely according to user needs. Developers can pour all their imaginations and ideas into the design of interactive learning media that will be made.
  • There are many features available in the application. The use of each tool or feature is very easy because there are very clear icons and descriptions.
  • Easy to make Animation
  • The appearance of the Smart Apps Creator application looks simple and comfortable
  • The result can be saved for Android devices, iOS, Exe (emulator style & Desktop Style), HTML5

This application is highly recommended for those of you who do not have programming skills. You only need to create the required design, materials, and navigation buttons.

Preparation for making applications or Learning Media using Smart Apps Creator

There are several preparations that are usually done before making a Learning Media Project. Here I will share tips according to what I do.

Install the Smart Apps Creator application on your computer

The Smart Apps Creator app can be downloaded for free in Trial mode for 30 days. You can also buy a license on its official website.

Looking for the right idea

You should look for ideas or goals before creating a learning media project. Not only that, when you are going to create applications, games, or other projects. Then you need ideas to achieve those goals.

Preparing Materials for the created Project

Gathering materials before making a project is a very appropriate step to do. You must collect all the necessary resources such as materials, design concepts, and interface designs that have been described in accordance with the prepared materials. That is, all materials must be ready before going to the next step.

Interface Design

Interface design is needed to provide an accurate and precise picture of what will be made in the application. It can be said that interface design is the initial design for the actual project. Try to create a user-friendly interface design.

Navigation Button Design

You can create designs for navigation buttons using CorelDraw or Adobe Photoshop. The design for the navigation buttons should look simple and fit the project. So all designs made must have the same purpose in color or shape.

Support Images

The content of the learning media must be supported by images that match what is conveyed. So, Images are used to clarify the content of the project created.

Sound / Backsound

Sound / Backsound is needed to give the impression of life. With the sound, users will feel helped in the learning process.

Adding Learning Videos

Learning videos are needed to provide entertainment that helps in learning. The video used must match the content of the project being created. It is recommended to use interactive and interesting videos.

Material Placement on a layout

The last thing that must be considered is the placement of the material on the project being made. You must be able to adjust the materials and contents used. Everything must be neatly and clearly arranged. The end result must be user-friendly so that the work you create can be of value in the eyes of users.

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