How to Add Images, Audio, and Videos in Smart Apps Creator – Adding Image, Audio, and Video Content or material in Smart Apps Creator is very necessary and important for the needs of the created project. With the help of this content, the creation of applications and learning media will be clearer and more interesting.

There are several ways that can be used to add content to Smart Apps Creator. The most commonly used is to use the Insert feature. The added content has various uses and there are also special ones like adding an image for the background.

Adding Images, Audio, and Video in Smart Apps Creator

There are several ways that can be used to add material or content. Here I will discuss some of the commonly used methods.

Adding images

Add Image For 1 Page:

  1. Click Insert > Image
  2. Select the desired image, then press OPEN
  3. In the SAC workspace, inserted images can be edited in various sizes and locations. You just need to drag the image to move its position, or by performing an action on the edge of the image to resize it.
  4. Finished. You can also add multiple images on 1 page.

Adding Images to Multiple Pages at Once:

  1. Click Insert > Multiple Images
  2. Select the desired image, then press OPEN
    *If you add 5 images at once, then 5 pages will open (1 image for 1 page).
  3. Finished. You can also edit the image size and position.

Add Image For Background:

  1. Click Insert > Background > Extrude
  2. Select the image to be used as the background, then press OPEN.
  3. Finished.

Adding Images with Image Sequence Method:

  1. Click Insert > Image Sequence
  2. Select Multiple Images required, then press OPEN
  3. Then the Insert Images Sequence dialog will appear.
    In this section you can perform several actions:
    – Add image
    – set Image order
    – Deleting Images
    – Change image
    – Change Image Interval
  4. Then press Send
  5. Finished. The results will be in the order used.

Adding Audio in Smart Apps Creator

Adding Sound can provide added value to the Application or Learning Media created. The addition of sound can also clarify the content of the learning media created. Here’s How to add Audio in Smart Apps Creator:

  1. Click Insert > Audio
  2. Select the required audio, then press OPEN
  3. After that, the selected audio will appear on the work page
  4. Finished

Add Videos in Smart Apps Creator

There are many benefits when you include videos in projects. Users will not get bored easily and the content will be clearer.
How to Add Videos:

  1. Click Insert > Video
    – Local Video, Used to take video from Computer
    – YouTube Videos, Used to fetch videos from Youtube
  2. For example, use Local Video and select Video
  3. Then Press OPEN
  4. You can change the position of the video, so adjust it according to the needs of your project.
  5. Finished.
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