How to Change Image Size and Resolution Offline – How to Change Image Size and Resolution Offline, Resizing an image is a way to enlarge or reduce the size of a user image, and in this tutorial, I’ll cover how to resize an image by reducing its resolution.

This time I will share how to resize an image using the default Windows application, Paint. Paint is a drawing application, where we can edit and create paintings.

Changing Image Size and Resolution Using Paint

As previously explained, Paint is a drawing application that can be used to edit images. That way, Paint can also be used to resize an image by taking advantage of its resolution.

How Changing Image Size and Resolution Using Paint:

Open the Paint app on Windows

Open the Paint application on the Windows operating system. The method is very easy, you only need to write “Paint” in the Start search field. Start > Paint > Open.

After that, the Paint application will open and be ready to use. The next step is to enter the image you want to resize.

Insert Image

To insert an image, you just drag it into the Paint application. Or you can also open Images with Paint. Find and Select the desired Image > Open With > Paint.

So, To enter the Image into the Paint application. You can use the “Drag and Drop” method or open the image with Paint.

Resize Image

After the image is in the Paint application, go to the Home menu and select Resize. The steps are to select Home Menu > Resize.

Several settings can be used. Select the Resize settings, Set Horizontal and Vertical available in the Resize settings. You can use the settings in terms of percentages or Pixels.

In the Percentage setting, you will get an initial Percentage of Horizontal 100 and Vertical 100. While in the Pixels setting, you will get a setting according to the initial use and is usually 1200×675 pixels.

If you want to resize the image, you can change the Percentage or Pixel settings. Reduce the horizontal and vertical sizes to make the image smaller. or Increase Horizontal and Vertical size to increase the image size.

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