Remote LINUX Server Using Windows CMD

neicytechno – Secure Shell (SSH) is a network protocol that is considered safe enough to communicate data, especially to remote other devices. SSH is designed to replace the previous service, namely telnet which is used to send information. SSH is usually used to remotely a host/server based on CLI (Command Line Interface).

By using SSH we can communicate and even control each other’s devices, or commonly used for file sharing. Not only physical devices that we can control using SSH, we can also access virtual devices easily using the SSH feature.

An example of using SSH, suppose we have a Linux server stored in building A and we want to access the server, while we are in Building C which is on the same network as the building where the server is located. And in front of us, there is a client computer that uses the Windows operating system. Is it possible to access a Linux server (CLI) using Windows? really can! The method is very easy as long as the server has SSH-Server installed.

Command to Install SSH-Server on Linux

Server access using user “root” using command

Sudo su

Apt install openssh-server

Changing port for Secure SSH-Server

Since the SSH we just installed is still using port 22 (default) we have to replace it with another port so that no one tries to enter the server or access the server without our knowledge. We can replace it with Port 2001 or freely it’s up to you as long as it doesn’t use the common SSH port that is 22/21.

Nano /etc/ssh/ssh_config

Remove the “#” sign on the left side of the “port”

To make sure SSH is active we try restarting SSH using the command:

/etc/init.d/ssh restart

Command Check Linux Server IP Address

Untuk mengetahui alamat ip pada linux kita bisa mengetikan printah:


Remote Server Using SSH in Windows CMD

Because the server that we use is still using the CLI, then to operate it on the windows operating system we need CMD. And type the command:

Ssh Ssh username@

That way we can directly control your server using other devices with different operating systems using SSH.

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