How to Turn Off Windows Defender and Firewall

Neicytechno – Windows Defender is an antivirus program from the Windows Operating System replacing its predecessor namely Microsoft Security Essentials or anti-virus from Microsoft for Windows XP, Vista, and Win7 users, but support has been discontinued, Windows XP last received virus updates until July 14, 2015.

Each operating system has its own security system such as antivirus and firewall, the Windows operating system has installed a window defender and firewall which is considered sufficient to overcome virus attacks that usually occur on computers in general. Anti Virus and Firewall are highly recommended and must always be updated to increase and reduce the risk of loss in the future.

But in some cases that often happen, there are times when we have to disable/turn off the antivirus or firewall for certain reasons, such as installing an application or for other reasons. how to disable anti-virus and firewall is very easy, how:

Turn off Windows Defender

  1. First press Start windows / (windows key on the keyboard)
  2. then go to the menu “Settings — Update & Security — Windows Security — Virus & threat protection)TURN OFF WINDOWS DEFENDER
  3. After that, in Virus & Threat protection settings, press “manage settings”
  4. then turn off / off “Real time protection” & “Cloud Delivered protection”

Turn off Windows Firewall

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