How to Use Natural Star Monsters 1-3 in Summoners War Game – How to Use Natural Star Monsters 1 – 3 in Summoners War Game??. Summoners War is a very popular RPG Game. Many tournaments are participated in by professional players around the world. They use different strategies in their game.

There are many Monsters that you can have in the Summoners War Game, from Weak Monsters to Monsters that have enormous power. Monster levels are distinguished according to the Star they have.

How to Use Natural Star Monsters 1 – 3 in Summoners War Game

Natural star monsters 1 to 3 have various abilities. Not all NB 1-3 monsters are weak, some monsters have great abilities like Konamiya. Konamiya (Water Garuda) has a very useful skill for the Team. That way, we can use it in battle.

So how do you take advantage of 1 to 3 Star Natural Monsters? Here is a brief explanation.

Monster Skills

Monsters with 1 to 3 natural stars have different skills. There are some Monsters with low natural stars having skills and powers that are very useful for the team. That way, Learn all the skills of the monsters to place them in the Fighting Team.

Monster skills are very important in combat. You can defeat enemies by relying solely on Monsters with low natural Stars. Why? Because in the Summoners War Game, we need the appropriate monster skills to ward off enemy attacks.

Monsters For Evolution Material

After selecting a monster that is ready to be used in battle. The next step was to prepare the monsters for other Monster Evolution materials.

Use Monsters of the same Type to upgrade skills. In addition to increasing skill levels, you will also get XP points from these activities.

Natural star monsters 1-3 can be used for more powerful monster Evolution materials. For example, you can increase the XP of a Monster with 2 or 3 natural stars to the maximum. after that, upgrade the monster star to be used as evolution material. or you can also use Monsters NB 1-3 to add XP Points to Other Monsters.

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