Mushoku Tensei Character Names list

Lilia Greyrat

Lilia Greyrat Is a close friend of Paul while studying at the Swordsman Dojo. Then she worked as a Waiter at Paul Greyrat’s house. Lilia has a very ideal and beautiful body shape. After some time, Paul and Lilia had a child who later became Rudeus Greyrat’s half-brother.

After Lilia Greyrat had a child from Paul Greyrat. Lilia became part of the Greyrat family.

Ghislaine Dedoldia

Ghislaine Dedoldia is a female swordsman who has the title of King of Swords. Ghislaine has extraordinary physical strength with his speed and perfect sword swing.


Laplace has not yet been fully demonstrated. But we can see from the history of Mushoku Tensei and the formation of the 7 forces of the Mushoku Tensei World. Laplace is the founder of the 7 world powers and he is at the top of his list of strongest powers.

Orsted (Dragon god Orsted)

Orsted has such great power that he is able to become a Dragon God and is ranked second of the 7 forces of the Mushoku Tensei World. But many say that Orsted is the strongest among the 7 world powers.

Ruijerd Superdia

Ruijerd Superdia has immense strength and is the leader of the Laplace Elite army. Ruijerd Superdia experienced a very scary incident and currently, he is planning to kill Laplace.

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