List of Jujutsu Kaisen Character Names

#1 – Suguru Geto

Suguru GetoSuguru Geto’s power is a type of Cursed Spirit Control Jujutsu. He could control multiple spirits and use them in battle. Suguru Geto was originally Masamichi’s student and also his close friend Satoru Gojo.

Suguru Geto has a hatred for non-magical humans, it triggers a very horrific incident and results in the massacre of more than 100 non-magical citizens in 1 night. After that incident, Suguru Geto was declared the worst magician and expelled from high school. The hatred that Suguru Geto feels stems from his experience as a jujutsu magician. Maybe he already knew the meaning of a “Curse”.

Suguru Geto has a very strong team. In the Shibuya incident, it is possible that the members of Suguru Geto’s team will be introduced one by one.

#2 – Noritoshi Kamo (Pseudo-Geto)

Noritoshi Kamo (Pseudo-Geto)Noritoshi Kamo (Pseudo-Geto) is the Greatest Villain in the history of Wizard Jujutsu. He is currently a Pseudo-Geto (Fake Suguru Geto) and Started a War in the Shibuya Incident.

Noritoshi Kamo is the evilest and influential magician in the History of Wizard Jujutsu, he is also a disgrace to the Kamo Family. When viewed from his original appearance, Noritoshi Kamo looks like an old man with short hair that is neatly slicked back and has a thin mustache. While in Geto’s form, Noritoshi Kamo has the same body shape as Geto, so it is very difficult to distinguish real and fake Geto.

#3 – Mahito

Haruta Shigemo, MahitoMahito’s strength was at the Cursed Spirit Special level. He managed to defeat Itadori Yuji and Nanami in a duel, so his abilities are believed to be at a very dangerous level for mankind. Mahito allied with Suguru to reduce and destroy the human population and would later be replaced by the Cursed Spirit.

Mahito is a cursed spirit who is very sadistic and he tends to play with human emotions. Mahito was born from hatred between humans which made him think that all humans should be exterminated. Then Mahito also has no sympathy for anyone including himself, he is more concerned with the resurrection of Sukuna than anything else.

Mahito is dead?? We’ll see how the story goes.

#4 – Haruta Shigemo

Haruta Shigemo is one of the criminals who helped Mahito in the attack on the Shibuya Station Incident. Haruta is a character who shows the embodiment of true evil. He will oppress and kill all weak creatures horribly.

Haruta Shigemo is introduced in Episode 20. He is seen watching his partner fight and then intend to kill the dying Hanami.

#5 – Jogo

Dagon, Hanami dan JogoJogo is a cursed spirit who once dared to challenge Gojo in a duel. But Jogo lost badly and almost died in his first fight. Jogo’s strength is the volcanic lava above his head. His Domain Expansion would turn all areas into the form of a volcanic interior surrounded by lava flames and extremely thick iron walls. So that everyone who is in it will be very difficult and will not last long.

#6 – Hanami

Hanami is a cursed spirit who loves and cares deeply for nature. Its body shape also resembles a tree with tree branches and beautiful flowers. Behind her love for plants, Hanami has a very dark side and even has a “desire” to destroy everything. The reason is, according to Hanami, humans are destroyers of nature that are very detrimental to the earth.

Hanami’s power is to create illusions using plants, as a result, all who witness the illusion will lose the will to fight.

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