Easy Ways to Level Up Monsters in Summoners War

Neicytechno.com – Easy Ways to Level Up Monsters in Summoners War. Leveling up a Monster is very important for Summoners War account development. With strong monsters, you can easily win every battle in the Arena or Guild War.

To level up a Monster, you need a lot of Sacrifice for the Monster Evolution Ritual. That way, the best step is to collect Monsters that are no longer needed for Evolution materials. We can also buy Evolution Materials in the Shop or get them from Events.

Easy Ways to Level Up Monsters in Summoners War Game

You have to maximize the EXP of the monsters to get the next victim of star evolution. After that, Upgrade Monsters that already have max EXP to be used as ingredients for other Monster Evolution. So Feeding Monsters with EXP which later these monsters will be used as Evolution Materials as well.

Using Monsters for Evolution Victims in Summoners War

If you need materials to level up 4-star monsters, then you can do the following:

  • Raise 3-star monsters to the max then evolve to 4-stars
  • or you can also start from 2 stars max evolve to 3 stars and then 3 stars evolve to 4 stars.

This method can also be used to level up 5-star monsters. So you only need to level up monsters for other monster evolution materials that have more power or monsters that are really needed in battle.

  • Raise 4-star monsters to the max then evolve to 5-stars
  • or you can also start from 3 stars max evolve to 4 stars and then 4 stars evolve to 5 stars.

In addition to the above method which takes quite a long time. You can also use Evolution Materials that can be purchased at the shop or get them during the Event, These Materials are Rainbow Monsters.

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There are several quick ways to level up monsters in Summoners War. You can use the Method in the previous tutorial or use the following technique:

You must Farm by using 2x Item Exp and using a friend’s monster. That way, Invite others to become Friends in Summoners War to help increase the EXP of the Monster.

Farming is very important to increase EXP on Monsters. You can easily level up monsters with the help of friend monsters which can be used in adventure battles.

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