How to make a flying bird animation in Adobe Animate cc – Making flying birds animation using adobe animate cc can be done using Movie Clip. You just need to prepare a flying bird’s vector design (wings flap and bird activity). Flying bird animation is very useful to beautify the animation project created. Also, flying birds animation will be needed in desktop or mobile games.

From my experience, bird animation is used to beautify or animate the appearance of the created project. This animation will feel more alive after adding sound effects.

create a flying bird animation in Adobe Animate cc

Animated flying birds using vector designs and Movie Clips in Adobe Animate cc. For more details, follow these steps:

  1. open adobe animate on your pc or laptop. Then create a new document. You can use Air For Android or other types of projects.
  2. prepare an image of a flying bird scene in vector form. the image must match the behavior of the bird in the real world. So, flapping wings and activity must be balanced.
  3. make a Movie Clip, Insert > New Symbol > Type Movie Clip
  4. Inside the Movie Clip, create 10 Frames to place 10 scenes of flying birds. Look at the image below:
    create a flying bird animation in Adobe Animate cc
    each scene is placed and saved on a different Frame:
    Scene 1 ————> Frame 1
    Scene 2 ————> Frame 2
    Scene 3 ————> Frame 3
    Scene 4 ————> Frame 4
    Scene 5 ————> Frame 5
    Scene 6 ————> Frame 6
    Scene 7 ————> Frame 7
    Scene 8 ————> Frame 8
    Scene 9 ————> Frame 9
    Scene 10 ————> Frame 10

    Every scene saved in the Frame must be adapted to the behavior of flying birds in the real world. For example, After placing scene 1 in Frame 1, you have to place scene 2 in Frame 2 with a slightly forward position (Being in front of scene 1). That way, flying birds will be seen flying and moving for real.
  5. Then create a Frame at the end of the bird’s movement. If you use 10 frames for 10 scenes, then create 1 additional frame which is the 11th Frame. in Frame 11 (last frame), Enter the following script:
  6. Finished. Flying Birds animation is ready to use.
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