Solving Wifi Sharing Problems on the Latest Version of Android Using a Mikrotik Router

neicytechno – The latest Android release is indeed quite disturbing for entrepreneurs of current wifi vouchers. Why? The reason is, the latest smartphones are now able to share a wifi connection using either Bluetooth or the antenna embedded in the smartphone.

Connection sharing is a problem because it can waste the quota of mini ISP entrepreneurs because 1 account can be used by more than two devices at once even though we have locked the client’s mac address. However, for entrepreneurs who apply quota restrictions, it may not be too pronounced and even more so because the voucher quota will run out quickly and customers buy again.

To overcome connection sharing, we can use the mangle firewall feature, namely “Change TTL”. In theory, the TTL (Time To Live) value will decrease one by one for each device that passes through the gateway. Any data that passes through the origin address to the destination address will be recorded for TTL value information.

Configuration of Mangle Change TTL on MikrotikChange TTL Mangle configuration

  • Chain = postrouting
  • Out. Interface = Hotspot (interface used)
  • Action = Change TTL
  • TTL action = change
  • New TTL = 1

In this way, every voucher user will not be able to share the connection or re-share the wifi connection using Bluetooth tethering or the like. This is because the connection sharing from the voucher user’s cellphone will be blocked to other devices because the packet header no longer has “0”. The results will be seen from the results of pinging devices that use vouchers before and after configuring change TTL.

Even if the other device is connected to the device using the voucher via Bluetooth tethering or sharing a wifi connection, the device still won’t get an internet connection and will receive a message (Request Time Out).

This method is included in how to secure the proxy router, especially in the hotspot voucher system that we usually sell to customers or for the purposes of certain agencies that want every device connected to the router to not be able to re-share the connection.

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