3 Ways to Use Bandicam to Record a Computer Screen

Neicytechno.com – Bandicam is an application that is used to record PC and Laptop screens. This application is very convenient to use and easy to set up. How to use this Bandicam can be done in several ways, such as using voice, recording games, and recording faces

There are many ways to make settings in the Bandicam app for screen recording. But here I will discuss 3 ways that are commonly used, namely recording by voice, recording by displaying the user’s face, and recording games.

How to Use Bandicam to Record Computer Screen

How to use Bandicam screen recorder ?? There are 3 methods that are commonly used. Follow each step and the explanation.

Method 1: Record screen with Voice using Bandicam

Screen recording with a voice recorder to explain what is being recorded is important in making videos. Especially for those of you who are a YouTube content creator or a teacher who makes video tutorials. Therefore, the use of Voice is highly recommended to clarify what is explained.

Steps to create a video recording with Sound on Bandicam:

  1. Run the Bandicam app
  2. Then Connect the Headset to the Laptop atau Pc that will be used for recording
  3. Enable Microphone Icon
  4. After that Open the Video Tab > Check the Record/Stop Button section (to start and stop recording by using the F12 key)
  5. Also activate the Mouse Cursor, by going to the Video Tab > Check the Show Mouse Cursor section
  6. in the Video Tab, Click the Settings Button
    Record screen with Voice using Bandicam
    – The main device is used if you want to record sound from a PC/laptop device.
    – Second device used for recording using a microphone/headset

Use the settings that match what you need. You can use the settings above if they are suitable for the project you are going to make. When you are ready to record, press the F12 key on the keyboard.

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