How to Set Up the TP-Link WR840N Router Using PPPoE Client Mode

Neicytechno – Point to Point Protocol over the Internet or PPPoE is one type of dial-up connection that is widely used today because PPPoE is considered capable of overcoming internet crime attacks, namely “NetCut” which is very detrimental to internet service owners.

How does PPPoE work?

PPPoE is included in Router mode which will perform the routing process or it can also be called PPPoE which can create new users as well as servers that will be distributed to other nearby clients. PPPoE will perform a “username and password” authentication process in order to connect to the internet server. PPPoE mode on a Tplink router or router of any brand usually has to use the WAN port as a connecting medium with ethernet internet

How to Set the Tp-link Wr840n to PPPoE Mode?

PPPoE mode is very easy and can be practiced at home even if you are a beginner. PPPoE is in great demand by small Internet entrepreneurs “Mini ISPs” today because tp-link is considered the most stable brand used as an access point.

  1. First connect the computer to the tp-link wr840n network using a cable or using wi-fi.
  2. Then insert the LAN cable from the PPPoE server (Internet Source) to the WAN ethernet port on the tp-link wr840n.
  3. After everything is connected properly, open a search application such as “Chrome” or the like and type in the URL field.
  4. Then the computer will go directly to the localhost tp-link wr840n menu. then enter the tp-link username and password (admin-admin).
  5. Then to make it faster go to the “Quick Setup” menu and select “Router” mode then Next.
  6. Select the connection type “PPPoE” to dial up to the internet using the username and password provided.
  7. Then enter the PPPoE username and password provided by your Internet Server.Setting PPPoE Username Clienr
  8. Here we can customize the wi-fi name or wi-fi SSID and password according to your taste.Setup SSID and Password Wifi
  9. Then press “save” if you feel the settings you want are correct.
  10. Done, enjoy using the internet.

Router mode is not only PPPoE but there are others like DHCP, and Static. Router mode is a MUST mode using the WAN ethernet port as a path to connect tp-link with the server (Internet Source). Tplink is a router that provides complete features from Router mode to the wireless client that we usually use to target the neighbor’s wifi.

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